Monday, May 12, 2014

Reduce Stress Level by Traveling!

Leandra Hernandez                                                                                            




Reduce your stress levels by traveling!

Are you ever so stressed out that you just need to get away for a while or take a  

vacation to get your mind off of things?  Did you know by simply getting out and doing

something or traveling somewhere you can reduce a great amount of stress off of your

shoulders. Traveling is a great way to have fun while it can also reduce your stress levels

in many different ways.

When you are planning a vacation you are reducing your stress levels

tremendously or a small amount but the point is you're still reducing an amount of stress.  

Planning a vacation can reduce your stress levels because while you're planning where

you’ll go, what you’ll do there, what things you can do there that could leave a lasting

impression on your life that you could remember, what are the amazing food the city or

town has to offer that you have to try, when you will arrive and when you’ll come back all

of these things could reduce your stress levels because you're thinking of things that

make you excited and happy instead of the things that stress you out, causing yourself to

be more happy and dreading to go on your vacation.

Taking a trip somewhere can reduce stress because it lets you put aside your

daily responsibilities and just have fun while you're there. Traveling lets you feel free and

escape from the things that make you stressed out .  While traveling and having fun with

friends and family simply could also be an effect that could reduce your stress . Being in

a new environment with the people you love and enjoy spending time with could reduce

your stress because its almost like life is paused while your having  great time with them,

causing you to be more happy and just enjoy life. So when you return home you’ll feel

refreshed and and not so drained.

Having a checklist while you're on a vacation could cause you to also be less

stressed out so you see that you're accomplishing the things you needed to accomplish

before and during the vacation causing you to be less stressed and more relaxed.

So if you're ever stress go and take a vacation you never know you might just find

yourself less stressed out and more happy and relaxed.

Friday, April 25, 2014

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New to New York

Many people travel to see things they haven't, to experience things they never could in a small country town, or to get away and settle down. With thousands of people running around the state, New York is definitely a place where someone would go to enjoy intoxicating experiences and get opportunities that you could only find in such a busy place. While some people go to settle and find a big corporate job and own a mansion, if you want to be adventurous and meet new people, understand different cultures, and taste divine food there’s a few guidelines to help you create memories.

     For a human being to live they have to have contact with other humans. Such as friends, family, coworkers, and occasionally saying hello to a stranger. Living beings need to feel as though they’re needed, that they're important. With the amount of people, 8.337 million to be exact, you’ll be able to find a niche for sure. Now once you find your group that you feel comfortable with and around, here’s where the fun starts. New York is full of places where you can find daring new fun. You could always go to the upper east side and shop in Tiffanys, Bendles, and Bloomingdale’s.. When you do step into the upper east side, you'll feel as though you've been transported into an old movie starring Audrey Hepburn, or even into the television show Gossip Girl.
    New York is one of the most diverse states in all of the country. A lot of the different cultures stem from early 1800’s when people were escaping religious persecution, looking for work, or wanted to better their life for their children and the rest of their family. The population of New York is less than half white, 45% percent of people are Caucasian. That translates to over half of the population will be of some other ethnicity, which is a lot. If you have a group of friends and there are 7 of you at least four of them will be some other race than white, or a different religion, or have different beliefs. To grow as a person you have to be able to interact with people who aren't similar to you and your thoughts. Being in a place such as New York, where everyone you meet is divergent, you’ll get that experience of respecting others in who they are.
 New York food is influenced by the assorted cultures and tastes. On one street you can pass Mission Chinese Food(a nice Asian cuisine),Blanca (for the bigger wallets and smaller appetites), The Cannibal (the high end man cave of sorts), and a hole in wall Mexican restaurant who blows your mind with their quesadillas. Just like the people in New York you could spend two hours and $100 on your meal and not feel satisfied or you could find an outside cover with character and take a chance and get something amazing out of the twenty five dollar meal. With a place that's as big and eventful as NYC you could go to a new restaurant every night and taste every type of cuisine in the world, that's all been brought to one place.
  For whatever reason you're traveling you can be sure to find what you were looking for in the beautiful city of New York. If you don't find what you were searching for then you weren't looking for the right thing. You'll get something out the incredible night scene, the diversity in the people, and your taste buds will be forever changed with the delightful food.
- G.Green

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Religious Tourism

The definition of travel is to take a journey, typically of some length or aboard.  For religious tourism you take a journey to try and find a deeper meaning into what God has planned for you. To guide people in their beliefs, or help the less fortunate with what God has given you. Religious tourism can be used by people of almost all religions, for different meanings, and is now becoming an overwhelming industry.

People of all different forms of religion use religious travel to help discover God. Mormons go  on a mission for about two years, and it’s a major component to their beliefs. Mormons believe that missionary work is how Jesus spread the gospel, and so they walk in His footsteps. Even my friends in eighth grade are going on a mission trip this summer.  Some people believe traveling to the Holy Land can help you become closer to your God, because you are in a place that has shaped your beliefs. Touring the streets of Jerusalem to parading through Acre, can give an intoxicating form of depth to your beliefs.

People’s reasoning for religious tourism varies for almost everyone. You could go to try and discover God again, to try and understand what God went through, to learn how your beliefs came to be, or to teach others about your beliefs. Many people travel to help the less fortunate, or people who were affected by a natural disaster.  Some people travel by themselves, and some people travel with family or their church group. Your trip depends on what your goal is for the expedition.

Religious tourism has become an eighteen billion dollar industry, and ascending. Younger people make up more than a third of people who travel for religious reasons. Twenty five percent of people just in the United States said they would rejoice in a religious oriented vacation. The industry is constantly becoming more popular, by having special religious traveling websites, to having specific trips you can take depending on your religion and location. There are even jobs that are being created to become a religious travel agent.

Religious tourism is growing at a rapid rate, for people of all beliefs, and all for authentic intellect. Whether you’re Jewish, or Buddhist, or non denominational, you can find your cup of tea. Whether you want to help build houses in Uganda, or uncover more about your beliefs, or reveal your religion to others, you can do all that through religious tourism.
-K Mayo

Travel Anxiety

People all have different feelings about flying. You could find it peaceful, find it intoxicating, or find it 

frightening. If the plane is about to take off and you have a fear of heights, bring a book or music of some

kind to distract yourself from your worries. Barb Nefer, author of How To Overcome Travel Anxiety

quotes “I cannot do anything about this worry. It is better for me to save my energy on something else so I

can deal with that later.” This is a great example of how getting worried or upset when traveling makes your

heart rate go up and can make you more anxious.

Flying is really not as bad as it seems. Its like you're a bird in the air flying really fast to get to your final  

destination. Several people have fears of flying or are afraid of heights but if they bring along a travel buddy,

they aren't as nervous and more relaxed. Talking to someone and having a person there for you whenever 

you are scared calms the nerves and is calming.

-K Waggy